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We install and supply ceramic, porcelain, marble, ceramic, glass and all natural stone
Ceramic Floor and wall
Ceramic Tiles are greatly for floor coverings and come in a wide of shape, size, color and style. Cost-effective, wall and floor option, Ceramic Tile has a large variety of choices, you can achieve almost any look you want! Thinking about ceramic tile for your wall or floor? Ceramic tile, most people use ceramic and walls tiles as they are great and have a large variety of design, shapes, sizes and style, easy to cut, easy maintenance.
Porcelain Floor and walls
Porcelain is not 'glaze coated' like ceramic tile. Very popular Porcelain tile, very high temperatures, Porcelain is denser then Ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles offer a superior chip resistance. For walls extremely popular to have the same Porcelain floor tile on the walls using different sizing.
Natural Stone Floor and Walls tiles
Natural Stone, No two pieces of stone are the same. Natural stone is available in both tiles and powers, sizes and finishers. All natural stone can be used indoor and outdoor.
Marble Tiles
Best for floors this colorful stone gives rooms a luxe look, Marble is one of the most elegant flooring materials. The good thing about scratches on Marble, as opposed to ceramic tile, is that scratches and chips can be 'buffed out' of Marble.
Glass Mosaic Tiles
Used for Bathroom Floor Tile: Glass Mosaic for a Luxurious Look Find a great selections of Glass Tile Design, for both internal and external applications, as they are impervious to frost, sunlight, and water. They are easy to clean, the benefits and drawbacks of mosaic glass tiles when used in flooring occasions when dropping something heavy from a great height will crack or chip a tile.
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